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Website Title: thumbtack.com - Your Marketplace for Local Services

Thumbtack.com is your marketplace for local services. We're changing the way people buy and sell services -- making it easier, safer, and more affordable to book local services online. Best of all, it's 100% free!

Thumbtack.com has been around for 18 years, since the domain was registered. Thumbtack.com is a tiny bit popular. It ranks number 106,135 in the world according to Alexa.

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Doniese 3 years ago

This is a review for Details and Events ran by Carolyn Khojasteh.Carolyn was very pleasant and accommadating, because I'm a person that is very hard to please. she went above and beyond my expectations. The service and food was AWESOME!!! Hire her for your next event.

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Smiles1 3 years ago

Details did an event for me and Carolyn went above and beyond to make sure it was a success. Carolyn was there and had everything ready on time and it was beautiful. The centerpieces that she did were wonderful. The food was hot and delicious. She was very professional and the guests were very pleased with everything at the end of the night. Thanks again for making it a great night. Definitely would hire Details again.

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Zeid 2 years ago

Just a note: Thumbtack is a scam, they over charge you and take advantage of you. I was happy then they cancelled my membership and said you can't have more than 1 company listed, I can have as many as I want. Who are you to tell me other wise? Their update isn't successful, the old thumbtack was better, I can't send my clients to post reviews without telling them, you can't post a review for yourself. Fixr.com is way better, I'm on there for my dog walking company walkin' pawz and computer company resurrect computers and I get lots of leads that need my services. The fixr team is way more supportive and will call you back when leaving them a message, try that with thumbtack lol. Thumbtack a lot of people will know that your service is bad news!

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Sebastian 2 years ago

I never signed up with Thumbtack let alone heard of them till I started to receive relentless unsolicited texts from a 415 area phone number almost every 15 minutes. I have contacted them by email to stop sending me texts, yet they continue to send them to me. They have no phone number to call them. sounds like a shady outfit to me and all those people that are looking for services are wasting their money and time if people like me are getting their requests. If they are a true legit outfit, list a phone number that a person can call and talk to someone. Their support and info emails get no responses. I am already contacting PUC and local CA media to file complaints.

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Conniewolf 2 years ago

WoofWoof Dog Sitting & Grooming has used Thumbtack for years. We love it because they allow us to provide lots of information about our business. Also, it is fun to use.

Go to: https://www.thumbtack.com/welcome?refer=HPX0ZeAMC9spZg to sign up and send WoofWoof some points (one of the fun pars is gathering points, which result in rewards).

Our site is http://www.woofwoof.mobi also google woof dog services st louis

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VoiceTruth 2 years ago

Too many issues for the contractor, we have to pay for every lead that often goes nowhere. We receive sometimes a dozen emails per day with none screened inquiries. Waste of time and money... I thought they had a good thing going. Poor customer service..

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Jimmy-jahmoe 1 year ago

we put a new hardwood bamboo floor in our new condo. The work was done by Brandon Manesses.
Very poor and unprofessional work. Work went unfinished, destroyed quarter round, took weeks to complete. Sloppy work. Very Very disappointed. Please do not hire!

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FATCAT 1 year ago

Jeff from Black Pines Builders recently finished our basement from top to bottom.
He took care of every detail therefore we had absolutely no worries. He did an outstanding job.
We were impressed with his craftsmanship and the fact that he showed up when he said he would.
If you're looking for quality, integrity, professionalism and honesty Jeff at Black Pines Builders is your man. He is honest and hardworking and the professionals he brings in to help with the projects also
do top quality work. We would highly recommend him to family and friends. We plan on using him for future projects.
Jim & Pat from Firestone,Co

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Treasure 11 months ago

A to Z Indoor Cleaning was AMAZING! I have used several cleaning services over the years but this is hands down the best service.

Highly recommend and I will use them exclusively.

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Scarletletters 10 months ago

I wouldn't waste time or money using Thumbtack again. I'm a massage therapist who does home visits. The way the site works is, professionals create accounts with profiles describing their business or service and thumbtack sends them leads whenever a potential client contacts the site. Setting up an account and profile is free, but if you get a lead, you have to pay to respond. I bought a package of credits (it costs two credits to send an email) and only responded to the leads I thought would be a good fit. I did not get a single client. The service is free for consumers, so I think some use it just to shop around. I have also seen complaints on other websites claiming the leads must be fake because other people had the same problem. I know Thumbtack doesn't bother to screen leads. I often get requests for a male therapist, even when it's obvious I'm female, or requests for short sessions, even after I stated in my profile I only do an hour or longer. Often, I don't respond to leads because the location is outside of my specified area. Clients can't randomly browse profiles. They can't contact a professional directly or see a profile until after they submit a request and get a quote.They CAN include their phone number in their requests, but they don't. None of my leads had phone numbers listed. I don't think this is a coincidence. Either these "clients" are not serious or thumbtack does that deliberately to force members to pay. Professionals can contact a lead to ask for more info without using credits, but only if they go through thumbtack. Questions like "how much are you willing to pay?" and "Is this a real request or just an inquiry?" are not allowed. Also, if you are a professional requesting a service that you offer, you will be flagged. Thumbtack will send you an email asking for more info, just to make sure you are not checking out the competition to offer more competitive rates. If they can screen the professionals and block information, then they can figure out how to screen client requests to weed out the ones who are not worth a response or match people more accurately. The fact that they don't make the effort makes me suspect that some of the complaints about fake leads may be true. Also, there is no trial period for members and no way to request a refund. That should not be the case if they are legitimate. I can't recommend them and won't use them anymore. The only reason I'm giving them one star is because zero is not an option.

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M A Johnson 10 months ago

This is a review for Bob Sable who just installed a new water softener in my home. He was prompt, courteous and professional. He and his asssistant put down coverings over my wood floor and carpet. They removed my old softener and even cleaned behind before installing the new one...that was unexpected! I would definitely recomment Bob -- he's knowledgeable and thorough!

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Db3131 10 months ago

dp building&remodeling, from Palmyra PA. Don Wiles JR, built me a addition to my garage with a shed underneath addition. I am very pleased with the job, the job doesn't look like an addition, it looks as if it was a part of he house. The siding and trim around windows and doors are beautiful. Don is a very meticulous with great attention to detail. The whole experience was positive. I would recommend his work to anyone. Thx Dave Barton

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Ljo222 10 months ago

I found that many of the "contractors" referred to people are not licensed. Here in CA any project over $500.00 req. a state lic. BUYERS SHOULD LOOK CAREFULLY even for smaller projects.... Read the recommendations if any are available. Check SCLB.gov. to make sure they have workers compensation insurance. Protect youself and your property..

I chose a Licensed Contractor out of Hemet,Ca and had a very good experience. They were an owner operated co. and the owner was clean-cut and did exactly what he promised and the project was completed on time as promised.

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Bethie64 9 months ago

I am writing a review for local muralist, Jillian Branch. She is very detail oriented in her work and goes above and beyond to make sure the job meets the customer's needs. I have her doing a murial painting in my home and it is marvelous. I highly recommend her for any job.

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Mollypop 8 months ago

After Contacting a few home inspection companies to get their qualifications, their experience and also a reasonable price for our inspection in Canton, MI, I decided on All County Home Inspection.
The inspector, Paul Garrison, was courteous, professional, and on time. After briefly explaining about his job and duration of his inspection, he got right into his work. At the end of the inspection he went over all of his findings and then took my husband and me around to note where all of the findings were located, along with proper repair procedures. Mr. Garrison was a very thorough inspector. We were very satisfied with his inspection, and would hire him again.

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Omoodua 8 months ago

Thumbtack does not have a way of generating quality leads. All the leads they sent me always appear insincere and often do no answer requests for more information. They send several out of area text leads which are no better than spam. We pony up with our credit cards but they don't deliver. I cancelled my account after a year as it appears it is a waste of time and money.

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Michelle W. 8 months ago

I recently needed home cleaning and found Home Task Masters. They are so very friendly and hardworking! They were careful with all my valuables (even ones they might not have thought to be valuable, but I do), and treated me like professional, and my house professional. The job was done GREAT and the friendliness was outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone who needs cleaning, and organizing... home or office!

Satisfied customer;
Michelle Wardle

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Angelhair80 8 months ago

I hired John Schroeder(Rainbow Gardener) to do some mowing and yardwork for me. He arrived on time and did good, careful work and saved me money. I would highly recommend him. He also repaired my gate and unclogged our toilet.

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Oneeyedgrl42 8 months ago

I hired Philip Copeland (Kade & Roberta's Painter) to do exterior painting at my home.He arrived on time,was prepared with all supplies that were needed. I was impressed with the fact he offered suggestions.Prep work was excellent,cleaned up. I would highly recommend him to my friends.His friendliness was outstanding as well as his professionalism.

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Jim2794 8 months ago

this review is about J & C lawn service.
Excellent company. They had the best price quote and they came over right away and did an excellent job. Carlos , the owner /proprietor was so friendly and accommodating . I asked for a extra quote for trimming the hedges on my property and not only did he give a fair quote , he personally came over to do it himself. I would highly recommend this company for other customers.
jim [ pine bush ]

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Chiefles 7 months ago

This review is on a Nathan McCalla better known as Karate MAC..This guy is great he privides transportation[chauffeur] and security services.Very professional .On time and on point with all ages. He comes well dressed and provided a complete service. YOU need a night out a weekend TRIP or a party function.. I recommend him for the job. He will make feel like a star.

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Terrym22 7 months ago

This review is for Spic-N-Span housecleaning service. The 2 ladies Lauren & Terry came to my home, walked through with me and wrote down everything I needed done. Before leaving they gave me a quote and said they were available the next day. They were on time, they did everything that I asked. When finished, we walked through to make sure it was to my satisfaction. I was very pleased with their service, their rates are reasonable, and they are friendly and professional. I now have them come every 2 weeks. I would recommend their service highly.

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JR Blaze 7 months ago

JR 12 hours ago.
This review is for Handyman Doug Wright. I contacted Doug on 6/20/2014
through theThumbtack website. He responded promptly the next day and
scheduled an appointment for Saturday morning. Upon arrival, he was jovial,
polite, and very professional. He performed the work quickly and efficiently and
cleaned up the work area after he was done. Even though my home was a
good one hour drive from his, you would have thought he had traveled from the
next block over by his easy going demeanor. I have discovered the ultimate
handyman an I intend to use him on any and every household job that needs
attention. Doug is other half of the handyman brothers company; David Wright.
I would highly recommend one using their services.

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Clarise2005 6 months ago

Best experience ever with Haze Gray Pixels Photography! I have used various Photographers in the past as a real estate agent and he was better than I could have imagined. He traveled to my listing in Sammamish from the Peninsula the very next day of my request and took amazing pictures! Very reasonable, professional, and what else can I say...Highly recommend him for any of your photography needs. Found him on Thumbtack and just glad I went to that site!

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Myoco 4 months ago

MOST SINCERELY, Donna C, Houston, TX

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K 3 months ago

Today, I am grateful to Thumbtack for welcoming me online and text on my phone. I am new to Thumbtack just this morning. And...I am sure Thumbtack will not mind my saying...? Before I could verify my email, phone # and address, they sent me three (3) leads. Each lead consisted of a first name and first letter of the last name. To see the details of a lead, I registered so I could login to the website.

After preparing a quote and clicking submit to send my quote , I was asked to key in my credit card #. The price I was expected to pay to submit a quote was barely visible at top center in small, faded blue print (a dollar something). Thumbtack proudly claims that you will receive leads completely free; however, it says nothing about sending a quote to those leads.

Something nice..I almost forgot to mention that I was given the opportunity to suggest questions for them to ask in the future when interviewing leads. Contractors may give better quotes with the information they gather.

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Tomkat 3 months ago

This review is for QVS Renovations LLC. I hired this company to come in install tile floor first off, he came out gave estimate gave us great ideas. The company has made my house actually feel like a home. They redid my whole master bathroom and were about to get permits for an addition for sunroom. He came out said his price may not be the cheapest cause you want cheap that's the quality of work you will get.

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Ifersassy 1 month ago

This website removes negative feedback for it's clients and therefore cannot be trusted!!
If you need a vendor, I suggest using BBB or any other website!

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Leon1964j 1 month ago

Stephen Winston is a perfectionist when it comes to cabinetry and interior painting.
The cabinet work he did for me was done in a much faster time than I anticipated and the workmanship was first class , I would recommend him to the president of the United States if I personally knew him.

Thanks Steve!

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