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Website Title: People Search & Background Checks by Name, Phone, Email or Address - PeopleSmart

Lookup information on anyone with PeopleSmart's comprehensive people search tools. Use our database to run a backround check, phone lookup, email search and more!

Peoplesmart.com has been around for 13 years, since the domain was registered. Peoplesmart.com is reasonably popular. It ranks number 83,250 in the world according to Alexa. Based on Alexa's measurements www.peoplesmart.com is speed time for peoplesmart.com is not available.

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Peoplesmart.com Reviews

Kmid2001 5 years ago

I have 4 felony convictions and have done ten yrs in prison-- people smart says 1 conviction--I have 20+ yr work history --people smart says no employment. they say free 1 week trial and then charged me $39 for search---NOTHING BUT A SCAM

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Liwayway 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience with peoplesmart. I am about to try out their free trial and sure don't want to be charge higher than want I thought sign in memebership is. And I sure don't want o give information for business that is not thru to their customer. Don't want no hidden and surprise extra charge.

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MaxSilgar 5 years ago

I tried the Peoplesmart 7-Day "Free" trial, and canceled it after less than 24 hours when I found it provided no more information than I could have already gotten from other, free, internet sources. The information I did find was often inaccurate too, it turned up "relatives" for people I know in fact are not related to me, or to the people I searched on. I used their online form to cancel, received a confirmation from them.

A few days after I canceled my 7-Day Free trial with Peoplesmart, I looked at my VISA statement and found that I had been charged $39.95 by Peoplesmart. This amount was even 10 times what they said they would have charged for one month, had I kept their service! I contacted them immediately via their onliine form and US mail, and have still received no reply. This fraudulent and unauthorized charge has now been reported to my VISA provider who is investigating.

There is no "free" trial offer with Peoplesmart. This is a scam company. If you try their "free" trial offer then cancel, they will put an unauthorized charge on your credit card. I don't know how long they will continue to charge to card until this is resolved.

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Meme 2 4 years ago

Said had a address for reverse lookup-one x charge. Sent to page. Sorry no address for this phone number but we'll take your money. E-mailed them to complain no response. Buyer beware

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Pi**ed off in the USA 4 years ago

This is a terrible, ripoff, scam company. Purchased one search for $1.95, a week later unauthorized charge to my Paypal account from these bozos. Since then, I have researched the reviews of this company and found literally hundreds of complaints from people who were unfortunate enough to do business with Peoplesmart. They said they would refund my money if I asked on their website - I have sent them 2 emails requesting refund - no response. I have canceled my credit card, put my Paypal account on hold, and reported them to my bank, Paypal, the BBB, Ripoff Report, Pi**ed Off Consumer.com, and now this site. And I'm not done yet. I will research and report on every site I can find that features this ripoff company until I either 1) receive my refund, or 2) don't find any more sites to inform people about Peoplesmart. Even my bank manager shook his head as soon as I mentioned the word Peoplesmart!!! That's bad. Evidently they don't care about ethical business practices and will go on ripping people off until some lucky person has enough clout to put them out of business for good. Beware: they also go under the name Inflection and have several other "shell" companies to hide their real identities. I gave them one star because I couldn't give them a big fat ZERO! Beware - don't do business with this company.

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Plw 3 years ago

I payed $1.95 to peoplesmart via paypal for a people search to look up an old friend. The info I got back looks accurate & sent who they said was the person that I am looking for an email thru their system, telling the person what I remembered about him, his family, & stuff we did when we were kids & am waiting for a reply.
Then I found this site & read the reviews.
I immediately went to peoplesmart's webpage & requested that they cancel my account. I told them that I do not need or want a 1-year people search membership. Right after that, I went to my paypal account & sent paypal a note about requesting peoplesmart to cancel my account.
While I was still on paypal's website, I clicked on call paypal & talked to a customer service rep, gave her my temporary 6 digit pin that paypal put on my monitor screen. I told the cs rep that I asked peoplesmart to cancel my account, that I sent paypal an email to that effect & that I don't want to send any more $s to poeplesmart.
She said that peoplesmart will not collect anymore $s from my account.
Just to make sure, I will contact my bank & advise them that I do not want to send peoplesmart anymore $s.
It pays to google EVERY SINGLE company/person that you would do business w/either online, via snailmail, over the phone, or in person, before conducting any business w/them unless you already know them.

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KFM57 3 years ago

WARNING!!! Don't use this company to obtain any information. I used them on March 5, 2012 to obtain the mailing address of an out of town friend who had moved. The charge for the information was $0.95, paid for via PayPal. On week later (today March 12), I received a PayPal email stating Peoplesmart.com had charged me $39.95 for bogus services I neither requested nor contracted for.

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Karina 3 years ago

PEOPLE SMART SCAMS people with unauthorized charges. In order to cancel, you must agree to forgoe any expenses already paid to them. They typically charge 19.95 and 39.95.

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Agentm 2 years ago

Terrible. 7-day free trial does not cover the $29.95 upfront for a service I didn't even want.
I just wanted to look up someone's phone number and what I paid for was a comprehensive background check instead. They will not refund your payment even minutes after you've paid.
Totally a scam with deceptive and confusing wording and information. Reach them toll-free at (888)813-0008 to complain.

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Boybasso 2 years ago

Bait and switch kind of marketing information that pulls you in expecting a reasonable ability to search only to find that there are additional fees for everything but the most basic information. Not worth it!

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YYY NOT 1 year ago

I fell for it also and got nothing but useless info. Now I will try to battle the damage on my card. DO NOT USE STILL A SCAM!!!

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10635pr 8 months ago

This site is a joke! States you get unlimited background checks for a month.....RIGHT!! You actually get ONE background check for $19.95. Then if you want another check you have to purchase tokens at another $19.95 each. How is that for UNLIMITED?????? Also the information was totally useless, could have gotten this information from the white pages. Do not sign up for this service they are a true scam!!!

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